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In Restaurant business, challenges are significant. A successful restaurant business is that which operates for a longer duration with a steady month on month revenue. Creating such kind of business is a huge challenge in itself. The Restaurant owners has to prepare a winning formula and stick to most of it without making many changes. Most important of these factors are the taste and quality of food and service, along with them every restaurant has to introduce some or the other new dishes, create some customer-centric campaigns & experiences to stay in business.

With the help of technology, Restaurants can generate more sales and increase their customer base. Here are few things that’ll help:

Using the power of Social Media:

Social Media is a very powerful tool, you can use it for your profit if used cleverly. A Restaurant can make use of social media in a lot of different ways.

  • Sharing different images and videos of the restaurant where you can share glimpses of parties or events which happened at your place. Additionally you can share snaps of some of your signature dishes.
  • Create small surveys and share them with your followers.
  • You can communicate with your audience by creating some interactive games.

Making use of SMS & Email Marketing:

You can collect numbers and email id’s from your clients at the restaurant and use them to share offers and discounts. You can also track their frequency through the POS system at your restaurant and based on that custom make offers for individual clients and share them directly through SMS and/or email.

Influencer Marketing can come handy:

Inviting an Influencer and asking them to review your food is a trend in the restaurant business. Based on the number of followers and region, you can decide which influencers can make maximum impact for your restaurant and invite them for reviewing your food. Of course it isn’t free and you’ll have to pay the influencers, but the impact will be huge and you’ll get customers from far off places as well.

Use of Coupons & Vouchers:

  • You can create discount coupons for different occasions or festivals and share them with your existing clients as well on your social networks. You can also personalize coupons for your regular customers for their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. This way you can make sure that you won’t loose your valuable customer even for some new and trending place that might have opened near your place and the sales won’t fall.
  • Generating vouchers and sharing them on your website and social media is a nice strategy to attract new customers. You can generate new voucher codes often or for different platforms to track which strategy or platform is generating more sales.