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With the increased popularity of the voice assisted technology and devices, it is safe to say that voice will take over the Search Market. Big tech giants have introduced their own voice assisted devices such as Apple’s Siri, Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana; apart from these devices, voice assistants have also been applied on the Search Engines. These devices perform numerous tasks for their users such as fetching numerous information from the internet, assisting in Online shopping, playing songs online, interacting with other IOT devices to switch On or Off at home etc.

Having numerous applications and being easy to operate, dependability on voice search and devices are increasing by the day.


Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot during the past few years and with the introduction of Voice Search it has modified itself even further. Unlike traditional search, there are numerous factors that have come into play which has to be thoroughly considered during Voice based optimization.

  1. Focus More On Local Search:

Always try to include local keywords for your SEO since they are the ones which are searched more while performing a Voice Search. It is seen that people tend to search keywords differently while they speak compared to what they type. While users are generally searching for nearby places using voice search like Restaurants, Gyms, Schools, Pubs etc., it is wise to include more local keywords with words like ‘Best’, ‘near me’, etc. included in them.

The Importance of Managing Your Local Search Listings

  1. Give Additional Importance To Long-Tail Keywords:

When we speak, we often tend to make use of long phrases or be specific with the place or product. So optimizing your website for these Long tail keywords is a very good choice keeping voice search in mind. You have to understand the user’s behaviour and accordingly make a list of different keywords which will change as compared to keyword based search done by the user while typing. To stay ahead of your competitors, it is advised to start using this strategy as early as possible.

Long-Tail Keywords: How to Find & Use Them for Better CPC & Results

  1. Optimize Your Content Based On Voice Search Keywords:

Voice assisted devices often answers most of the queries of its users with the help of those websites which comes on the top positions of the Search Engines. So in order to be on the top list you have to optimize the content of your website with more of the local and long tail keywords. Use content which is easily readable with simple sentences. Make use of FAQ’s to answer most of the queries that your user might have about your product or services.

How to Optimize for Voice Search: 6 SEO Strategies for Success

  1. Create Google Business Profile:

Google Business Profile will help you list most of the details of your business such as Website, Address, Contact Details, Operational hours, Product/Service details etc. These details will be helpful during a voice-assisted search as it will help the search engines to fetch all the details from a single place. Optimising and updating your Business Profile regularly will help you during a voice search.

Google 'My Business' is changing to 'Business Profile', losing app in favor  of web integration