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Adding subscribers and views to your YouTube channel isn’t difficult if you know what you’re doing, which means that with the right know-how, you can increase your channel views in no time! Follow these seven steps to get more views on YouTube.

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Channels with fewer than 10,000 subscribers will not be eligible for monetization. Once you hit that threshold, you’ll have access to monetization tools like AdSense, which allows you to display ads that provide revenue based on clicks or views. If your channel continues growing and reaches a total of 1,000 subscribers or more, your channel will also be able to receive payments from YouTube via Google AdSense.

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Depending on how much time your video is watched, you can earn up to $2.70 CPM (per thousand video views). Simply divide your earnings by 1000 to determine how much money you earned per 1000 video views. Keep in mind that actual payment can take up to 60 days from end of month in which earnings were accrued (it usually takes less time). Your new income potential awaits! (If it doesn’t happen right away, please don’t panic! This process has been delayed multiple times due to legal reviews, but rest assured we are working hard to get these features live as soon as possible.)

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It’s easy to check whether you’re currently monetizing content by using our Check Status tool. Simply log into your AdSense account and click on Content: Monetize my videos. The tool will let you know which of your videos are eligible for monetization, as well as how many views your video has received thus far. Once you reach 10k subs and 1k total views, head back to that same page and use it again to verify that those numbers have changed! To learn more about what content is eligible for monetization—and what isn’t—please review our program policies. (If you’ve already hit 10k subs but haven’t yet reached 1k total views, keep uploading awesome content! As long as your channel continues to grow at a healthy rate, you’ll be monetizing videos in no time.)
10k Subscribers? Great! Now What? Once you hit that magical 10,000 subscriber milestone, there are a few things you’ll need to know about your new monetization status.

How to Enable Your Youtube Channel for Monetization (2019 Update)

First and foremost: You’re eligible for monetization! That means you can start earning money on every video you upload. If you want to learn more about what content is eligible for monetization—and what isn’t—please review our program policies. Second: You can now choose how much of your AdSense revenue share you’d like to donate back to YouTube. Using our revenue calculator, decide which donation option works best for you. Finally: Your channel must have received at least 1,000 views before you can join the YouTube Partner Program and apply to feature ads next to your videos (this threshold used to be 10k subs). So if you haven’t yet reached 1k total views across all videos in your channel, keep uploading awesome content! As long as your channel continues growing at a healthy rate, you’ll be ableto participate in Google’s partner program within no time. For more information about monetizing your video content with AdSense and joining Google’s partner program once it becomes available (as well as details around other upcoming features), please see What else should I know? below. And remember to stay tuned here and via @youtube on Twitter for updates as they become available! Note from legal We do not guarantee any level of income from monetization at any given time, including when turning on monetization or when increasing payment amounts after receiving an acceptable number of invalid clicks. In addition, because payment amounts are calculated based on many factors including advertiser bids and actual performance, they cannot be guaranteed; nor do we provide alerts or notifications regarding such changes. Thank you again for being part of YouTube! Sincerely, The YouTube Team
If your top priority right now is getting paid using AdSense to earn revenue based off your videos, then we recommend focusing solely on reaching that 1k view mark in order to complete the eligibility process. On behalf of everyone here at YouTube whose primary job involves developing cool stuff for creators… thanks so much for creating great content!