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Car Rental is one of the booming businesses in today’s world. A lot of car rental companies have started in the last decade keeping in mind the huge market share this business has.

A lot of factors have contributed in the boom of this business which are:

  • The Millennial mindset of owing lesser stuff.
  • Decreasing parking space and increase in traffic in urban cities.
  • Increased tourism of smaller groups to nearby as well as far off places.
  • Over crowding of public transports such as trains and buses.

All these and other factors are the reason, Car Rental business gained popularity.

However, the recent pandemic has brought major businesses to its knees, especially the ones associated with tourism. Car Rental services also took major hit in this current market. Governments along with top philanthropists, NGO’s and many others are trying to find ways to ease the situation globally but till then there are few things businesses can do to survive through this pandemic. Leveraging Internet and Online Advertising platforms are something that Car Rental companies can do to generate sales for their businesses.

Some of the Online Advertising strategies that can be adopted are

  • People are more concerned about the sanitization in this ongoing pandemic. Making sure of few things such as sanitization of every vehicles frequently, allowing fewer customers in every trip according to government guidelines, checking temperature of the driver regularly while making sure they wear masks and sanitize themselves during every trip.
  • Keeping up with your competitors for various offers and price so that you can revise your rates accordingly. You can also introduce offers for certain occasions and holiday seasons.
  • Advertise on various social media platforms and search engines with ad campaigns and daily updates.
  • Introduce various discounts for new as well as existing customers. You can share these discount coupons or codes through your website, App or social media sites to get new customers and for the existing customers you can share directly using SMS or email.